Function of tool track editing system for nc machine tool

The tool track editing system is composed of tool track transformation, cutting line editing, graphic display of tool track, loading and output of tool track, etc.

September 02, 2021

The tool track editing system is composed of tool track transformation, cutting line editing, graphic display of tool track, loading and output of tool track, etc.

1.Geometric Transformation

The content of geometric transformation of tool track includes evaluation, rotation and mirror image.For translation transformation, only the center of the knife is allowed to shift, and the vector of the knife axis remains unchanged.For rotation and mirror image transformation, the right amount of knife center and knife shaft change.

2. Transpose transform

A transpose is a change in the direction of travel from the original direction to the new direction of travel.The object of the transpose transformation can only be the track of the cutting contact (3d tool semi-precision compensation is effective) or the track of the spherical tool center, and the error value is not more than the allowable value when machining in the new tool direction.Since the transposing transformation does not change the direction of the cutter axis, the multi-coordinate machining tool track cannot be transposed.The transposing transformation is the most effective for the tool track generated by the equal-parameter discrete algorithm in the parametric machining method. For the tool track generated by other parametric line methods, the cutting lines can be encrypted with equal arc length according to the specified points before transposing transformation, so that the number of the position points of each cutting line is the same and evenly distributed.

3. Delete

The object of the delete operation can be the tool track in the position point, cutting section, cutting row, cutting block or even the whole edit, or the part of the tool track that has been cut off.

4. Tailor

The tool path object to be clipped should be specified first, then the clipping object, such as the inspection surface, should be specified.Finally, specify the parts to be deleted.Clipping operation requires the intersection algorithm between clipped object (tool path) and clipped object (such as inspection surface).

5. Recover

Recovery operation mode includes two types: one is global recovery, that is, the recovery of all deleted tool track objects;The other is cyclic recovery, that is, according to the delete operation in the reverse order to restore the deleted tool track object, each time a recovery operation, restore a delete operation deleted tool track object, until the deleted tool track object all recovered.

6. Homogenization

The homogenized operation object can be a single path to the path, or it can be a tool path in the entire edit.Homogenization operation includes the following:

(1) the cutting line according to the point N for equal arc length encryption.The method is: first of all, the cutting line curve fitting, and then according to the arc length of the curve discrete to N points.The normal vector of cutter axis and swing plane is firstly transformed into the trajectory of vector endpoint, then fitted and discretized, and finally transformed into unit vector.

(2) for the cutting row according to the given error, the parameter screening method is adopted to screen the position point directly.

(3) insert a cutter point between the two position points by linear interpolation.

7. Arrange

When all other editing operations have been completed, the tool track can be connected and arranged.First, the tool direction should be specified (which can be inconsistent with the tool direction set by the system during the calculation of the tool path), the tool direction can be inconsistent with the tool path set by the system during the calculation of the tool path, and the tool lifting height should be given for the single direction of the tool.Once these conventions are accepted, the system will automatically orchestrate the output of tool tracks in the edit.

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