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  • CNC Precision Slitting Line Machine CAZJ-1250B-5T
    CNC Precision Slitting Line Machine CAZJ-1250B-5T
    CAZJ-1250B: CNC precision slitting line is mainly used for strip silicon steel sheet coils processed by high-speed precision, mainly consist of:1. Motor Decoiler: 1 set 2. Decoiler trolley: (Assist operation platform): 1 set3. Guard rail/shaft: 2 sets4.1250 type rolling slitting machine(with 07set alloy cutter ): 1 set5.Material photoelectric detection device: 2 set6.Pneumatic tensioner:  1 set7. Motor Recoiler: 1 set8.Electric trolley: 1 set9.Pneumatic system:1 set10.Electrical control system: 1 set
  • Slitting Line Machine Transformer Motor Industry Metal Coil Cutting
    Slitting Line Machine Transformer Motor Industry Metal Coil Cutting
    Model: CAZJ -1250-10TThe basic engineering of mechanical equipment1.Equipment foundation plan. And the delivery date for 10 working days after signing a contract.2.Buyer is responsible for all equipment foundation engineering construction and supervision.3.Equipment foundation holes are reserved hole to match the anchor hole of equipment base.4.Base hole cement grouting after equipment installation is in charge of the buyer, seller offer foundation bolt by random.Supply power, gas and oil1. Buyer is responsible for a stable power supply to operating station.2. Buyer provide one set of air compressor and cooler by himself.3. Buyer provide gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and seller offer oil brand.4. Buyer will provide requested material for mechanical debugging.Roduction workshop1. Production line processing set- up length is about 14m.2. The production workshop area: length 18 m X width 8 m X high 6 m.3. Equipped with one set of goods crane carrying more than 20 t , and production workshop corollary equipment.4. Production workshop is equipped with lighting equipment, and 42℃ below room temperature environment.Note: We have the final explanation right for this contract specification.
  • Customized Professional Slitting line manufacturer CAZJ-1250-8T -Canwin manufacturers From China
    Customized Professional Slitting line manufacturer CAZJ-1250-8T -Canwin manufacturers From China
    Slitting line equipment mainly includes the following:Loading trolley, double support uncoiler, feeding device, traction leveling machine, trimming shearing machine, deviation correction feeding device, longitudinal shear line, waste edge winder, feed rack, pre separation device, tensioner, feeding roller, winding shearing machine, steering drum, rear axle, discharge trolley, winding auxiliary support, hydraulic system and electrical system, etc.The materials that can be processed by longitudinal shear equipment include cold-rolled plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and color coated plate. However, for different materials, there are certain differences in the strength of blade materials, so as to obtain good cutting effect.
  • Canwin First AI CTL Cut To Length Line for Electrical Transformer Production Robot Has Successfully Developed& Running
    Canwin First AI CTL Cut To Length Line for Electrical Transformer Production Robot Has Successfully Developed& Running
    [Good News] Guangdong Canwin Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., founded in 2002, won the 2020 China Science and Technology Progress Award and Guangdong Provincial Technology Invention Award for its key Technology and Equipment for Precision and Efficient Cutting of High-end Metal Plate and Belt. In addition, the push and pull material technology applied by Guangdong Canwin for cutting silicon steel sheet material below 0.18mm in 2014 has won the national invention patent [Patent Number: CN103990731A], which has become the standard configuration of thin plate shear transverse shear line in the electrical equipment industry. Recently, Guangdong Canwin launched another subversive product, double robot six-station automatic laminating horizontal cutting line. The product is the No.1unit in China, but also the No.1unit in the world. Its key technology is to grab five pieces at a time (double robot is equivalent to ten pieces at a time), can fold six transformer cores. [has applied for a number of patents] This technology ends up the history of the traditional transverse cutting line only cutting function without stacking function, and is the turning point for leading the technology take-off of the global electrical equipment industry!
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