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As a driven company, CANWIN has been developing products on our own on a regular basis, one of which is electrical transformer box. It is the newest product and bound to bring benefits to customers.
  • Transformer Lamination Manufacturing Cut to Length Line
    Transformer Lamination Manufacturing Cut to Length Line
    Professional Customized AI Smart Robot Cut To Length Line manufacturers From China manufacturers-CANWINThe CANWIN iron core processing center is composed of Siemens motion control system and servo motor, suspended dual robot lamination mechanism, six station servo exchange platform, and dual station logistics channel. Combined with the Keying 1250 type spacer type high-speed longitudinal cutting line, the MES intelligent warehouse system seamlessly connects with the iron core processing center. Effectively solved the problems of only cutting and not stacking horizontal cutting lines in the past, requiring repeated handling by transfer vehicles, troublesome pre positioning of truss mechanical laminations, low work efficiency, large land occupation, and the need for manpower! Especially suitable for standardized production of super enterprises in the future power industry (with massive annual output ).
  • Epoxy Resin for Room Temperature Curing
    Epoxy Resin for Room Temperature Curing
    The high and low voltage windings are all cast epoxy resin and cured in vacuum, forming a high strength FRP body structure.The temperature sensor PT100 platinum resistor is inserted into the low-voltage winding to obtain the temperature signal.
  • Automatic Lamination CTL Machine for Silicon Steel Power Transformer
    Automatic Lamination CTL Machine for Silicon Steel Power Transformer
    CAH(23)-400LA: The cut-to-length-line is a special equipment for the production of transformer core, is our latest generation of cross shear line. This production line is used for shearing, O punching and V notch of transformer core sheet.The special point of this line is that two O punch and one V notch can work at the same time to produce transformer core pieces with 3, 5, 7 steps in vertical direction and 3, 5, 7 steps in horizontal direction.After the coil material of silicon steel sheet is punched and cut into certain shape and size by this production line, the classification and finishing work is completed at the end of the production line, and it is automatically stacked into 20 columns and used for the silicon steel lamination core assembly.This production line adopts advanced control system to ensure the accurate and stable operation of the production line. Embedded operating terminal can complete parameter setting quickly and conveniently.Application: This machine is special for silicon steel transformer laminations manufacturing.
  • Epoxy Resin for Other Products
    Epoxy Resin for Other Products
    High and low voltage windings are all wrapped with copper tape (foil).Temperature display controller can be installed on epoxy resin dry transformer to display and control the operating temperature of transformer winding to ensure the normal service life of transformer. 
  • CNC Precision Slitting Line Machine CAZJ-1250B-5T
    CNC Precision Slitting Line Machine CAZJ-1250B-5T
    CAZJ-1250B: CNC precision slitting line is mainly used for strip silicon steel sheet coils processed by high-speed precision, mainly consist of:1. Motor Decoiler: 1 set 2. Decoiler trolley: (Assist operation platform): 1 set3. Guard rail/shaft: 2 sets4.1250 type rolling slitting machine(with 07set alloy cutter ): 1 set5.Material photoelectric detection device: 2 set6.Pneumatic tensioner:  1 set7. Motor Recoiler: 1 set8.Electric trolley: 1 set9.Pneumatic system:1 set10.Electrical control system: 1 set
  • 1MWH Containerized Energy Storage System( Industrial Grade)
    1MWH Containerized Energy Storage System( Industrial Grade)
    500KW/1MWH Containerized Energy Storage SystemProduct model: HT-CN-500KW/1MWHProduct Features1. Support up to 2*500KW bi-directional inverters in direct parallel.2. Interface with dispatching system.3. Black-start function of full station load.4. Automatic switching function between grid connected and off grid status.5. Battery management system (BMS) for efficient management of battery clusters.6. Energy management system, which uniformly allocates and manages the wind energy, photovoltaic, power grid, battery system and distribution system of micro grid, so as to achieve energy efficiency and high-quality energy allocation.7. The remote cloud platform and mobile terminal can optimize the system through big data analysis, while reversing the relevant information and operation status to the users’ mobile phone.
  • Best CAH (25) -300/400/600DV High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine Company - CANWIN
    Best CAH (25) -300/400/600DV High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine Company - CANWIN
    1) Two sets of V-shaped shearing machines and three sets of hole punching machines. The three punching mechanism adopts a chasing shear design, which can move vertically and horizontally, automatically arrange positions, and easily achieve three simultaneous steps and five synchronous cutting;2) The material handling part adopts a gantry type servo belt mechanism, which can automatically rise and fall with the change of stacking height;3) Equipped with a stacking electric trolley, the trolley can move left and right, the upper stacking platform can be lifted and lowered, and even workshops without truss cars can produce iron cores!4) The shear bed section has added a four wheel drive micro tension servo pulling mode, and cutting of materials with different thicknesses of 0.15-0.35 mm does not require changing the cutting parameters!
  • Distribution cabinet 10kv Intelligent Box Type Switcher
    Distribution cabinet 10kv Intelligent Box Type Switcher
    10KV intelligent box type switcher is a new generation of load switcher, vacuum breaker and other switch elements, suitable for distribution automation, that is, compact and scalable distribution equipment. It has the advantages of oil-free, multi-combination, maintenance, modular, corrosion resistance, high reliability, strong adaptability to the environment and so on. In and out of the loop according to the requirements of users, you can meet the manual, electric operation, circuit breaker circuit by matching the corresponding intelligent controller and other related equipment.
  • Epoxy System For Instrument Transformer
    Epoxy System For Instrument Transformer
    Insulation grade F, H.It has the ability of anti-electromagnetic interference stipulated by the state. At the same time, reserved intelligent computer interface, remote control. 
  • Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers
    Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers
    Canwin Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers,The company is a key enterprise in the field of electric power electrical equipment manufacturing in China, and a core professional equipment supplier of state grid, China southern power grid and many listed companies in the electric power industry.
  • Self-adhesive Copper Foil Single/double Guide Copper Foil
    Self-adhesive Copper Foil Single/double Guide Copper Foil
    Copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metal, insulation materials, etc., with a wide temperature range. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, the conductive copper foil on the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, has excellent conductivity, and provides electromagnetic shielding effect. It can be divided into: self-adhesive copper foil, double guide copper foil, single guide copper foil, etc. Electronic grade copper foil (purity more than 99.7%, thickness of 5um-105um) is one of the basic materials of the electronic industry. With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the use of electronic grade copper foil is increasing. The products are widely used in industrial calculators, communication equipment, QA equipment, lithium ion batteries. TV sets, VIDEO recorders, CD players, photocopiers, telephones, heating and cooling air conditioners, automotive electronic components, game machines, etc. The demand for electronic grade copper foil, especially for high performance electronic grade copper foil, is increasing day by day in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Professional Best Quality Dry Type Transformer manufacturers-Canwin Automatic
    Professional Best Quality Dry Type Transformer manufacturers-Canwin Automatic
    dry type transformer is widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminals CNC mechanical equipment and other places, simply said dry transformer refers to the core and winding are not impregnated in the transformer insulation oil.
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