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Product Features
  • ◪  The machine body is welded with high quality steel and with casting punching and shear component. The installation surface is made of thickened steel plate. The structure is solid and firm, and the hidden trouble of deformation is eliminated by heat treatment.

  • ◪  The punching and shearing machine is mainly made of high grade castings, which will never be deformed, which is conducive to ensuring the shearing accuracy and improving the service life of the tool; At the same time effectively eliminate the impact shear chatter and noise.

  • ◪  Optimized feeding and feeding system, stable and reliable performance, to ensure that the silicon steel laminations can be delivered at high speed.

  • ◪  The punching and shearing mechanism is driven by high response servo motor, which is accurate and efficient.

  • ◪  The punching and shear is made of high quality hard alloy, with long service life and little wear.

  • ◪  Siemens electric control system is adopted to realize precise determination of long shear, full closed loop control, online detection and automatic fine adjustment.

  • ◪  The width adjusting mechanism is driven by servo motor and controlled by computer to realize automatic width adjusting.

Product Parameter

Wdith of sheet (mm)80-40080-60080-800
Length of sheet (mm)560-2500560-3500560-4500
Thickness of sheet (mm)0.18-0.35
Feeding speed (m/min)0-240m/min
Cutting burr (mm)≤0.02
Accuracy of cutting angle±0.01

Product Features
1. Four heads uncoiler
Inner diameter of coil: 495-510mm
Coil maximum outside diameter: 1200mm
Maximum load per head: 2.5-4 tons
Uncoiling speed: adjust synchronously with feeding
The uncoiler adopts synchronous stepless speed regulation to follow the discharge, hydraulic tension, disc brake and electric rotation.
2. Front and Rear Feeder
Front and rear feeder is composed of upper and lower feeding roller and measuring roller, feeding drive adopts German Siemens Simotion motion control system. This equipment adopts the most advanced center positioning servo push and pull material mechanism design; The feeding roller is made of polyurethane material, encoder measuring length and servo closed-loop control, the normal feeding speed is 0-180 m/min, the highest feeding speed is 240 m/min. The front feeder drives the role of pushing material, and the rear feeder drives the role of pulling material. The two feeder can work synchronously to keep the material in the channel straight in motion.
3. O Punch and Two V-Notch
This machine has two sets of o-punch and a set of V-punch, two sets of o-punch installed on the slide of parallel guide, drive by the servo motor can achieve horizontal step movement, V punch installed on the slide of parallel guide perpendicular to O punch, drive by the servo motor can achieve longitudinal step movement;
The design can punch 2 holes and a V port at the same time; Three times more efficient than before.
4. Shear Section
Two sets of shear sections are installed on a fixed plate at 45 degrees and 135 degrees, one of which can be adjusted to 90 degrees; The fixed plate is installed on the sliding block of the movable parallel guide rail, and the fixed plate can move horizontally through the servo motor drive;
The shears section includes: +45° shears (adjustable and fixed to +90°, conversion and adjustment is completed by manual electric control), -45° shears, transverse slide table and discharging roller. The structure of the two groups of shearing machines are made of casting. Shearing is driven by Siemens servo motor with high efficiency and low noise.
The tool (die) adopts hard alloy cutting tool, each grinding time use more than 1 million times. With depth adjustment mechanism, so that the tool can be adjusted after wear.

5. Centralized width adjustment device
The whole line adopts central positioning and centralized width adjustment to adapt to different widths of sheet material transmission.
Encoder position feedback and position indicator position display. The width adjusting mechanism adopts ball screw drive to achieve the centralized width adjusting linkage of the whole line. The width adjustment device is also equipped with a blocking alarm device to realize the suspension of the whole machine when the material is arched.

6. Discharging and stacking mechanism
Driven by Siemens servo motor magnetic conveyor belt, the device transmits the sheared sheet from the shears to the double layer sorting mechanism.
The equipment is divided into two layers of material, each layer is driven by Siemens servo motor magnetic conveyor belt accurate positioning after falling on the designated positioning pin, automatic fall on the trolley, can stack up to 20 columns.
7. Stacker trolley unit
2 sets of stacker trolley units, each size can be provided by customer.
2 sets of stacker trolley unit  have separate conveyor belts, which are moved by Siemens servo motor to achieve accurate positioning. According to customer's requirement, the stacking frame can be removed together with the shears. It is not fixed on the trolley. Positioning pins are installed on the panel of multiple vehicles, and suitable positioning pins are provided according to customer's requirements.

8. Pneumatic system
Pneumatic system adopts German pneumatic components, high reliability.

9. Electric control system
The electric control system includes the main electric control cabinet and the operating platform.
SIEMENS man-machine interface is easy to use, self-developed control program and chip cutting program can be used for various tasks. If additional pieces are needed, they should be provided to us within 7 days after signing the contract.
We upgrade the program for you free of charge in the long term. If you want to increase the size of the piece in the production process, you can inform us 10-15 days in advance!
This machine adopts advanced Profibus connection system, easy wiring, stable system
Rely on. The system has memory storage function, to ensure that the power failure, suspension continue to work.

Electrical steel laminations are constituent parts of every electric motor. They are produced in a rapid-stamping process by forming electrical steel with a thickness of between 0.25 and 1 mm. We produce rotor and stator laminations and assembled stator and rotor stacks.

Electrical steels typically range in thickness from 0.20 mm to 0.65 mm, depending on the manufacturing cost and the complexity of handling for core building.

As part of the production process, we need rapid-stamping tools that we design, manufacture, and assemble ourselves. These tools allow us to produce the laminations with precise geometrical accuracy.

A rapid stamping process is used to produce electrical steel laminations for orders of large batches, using the latest technologies and modern trends. We use single notching technology and laser cutting for some projects in order to produce test samples and smaller batches of laminations optimally.

Areas of product application

Laminations of electrical steel are used in various segments of the automotive industry, including drive motors for electric and hybrid vehicles, pumps, heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems for vehicles.

Developed, constructed, produced, and assembled by Canwin electrical lamination manufacturers, rapid-stamping tools ensure high quality and reduce the time from initial contact to large-scale production. With the know-how and innovativeness of the Centre’s top experts, the Tool Components Competence Centre supports the business unit's successful growth with state-of-the-art technologies and machines to process materials.


1.What can we do for you ?

We can provide you with power transformer manufacturing equipment and technical services for you to create a strong competitive transformer factory. We can provide you with special transformer OEM/ODM services. Even if you do not have the ability to produce, you can also go to pick up your order. We can provide you with all the high quality raw materials you need for your transformer plant production. Of course, the price must be very attractive!

2.How many years have your company made this kind of equipment?

We have 20 years of marketing experience and a 200,000 square foot modern manufacturing center.

3.Which certificate do you have for your equipment?

We have owned 56 patents in fields of the international invention. ISO9001 / SO14001/ STL / ASTA / KEMA

4.Can you send your staff to install the equipment for us?

After - sales free to provide engineers on-site installation and debugging and professional technical training.Answer your technical or technical questions by phone or in writing.

5.Do you have any agent in our country?

CANWIN transform and upgrade traditional industries as an opportunity to deepen the " one belt and one road" strategic layout, deepen cooperation with foreign markets. in the form of cooperation and mutual benefit, set up the transformer manufacturing center and core processing base in the Middle East, India. Dubai. Vietnam. Thailand. etc.In the future, CANWIN will move towards the direction of intelligent equipment leader, making China a global reputation!

Basic Information
  • Year Established
  • Business Type
  • Country / Region
  • Main Industry
    Power Distribution Equipment
  • Main Products
    electrical equipment,transformers and distribution cabinets, electrical materials, Laser welding machine/ Laser Cutting machine,Energy Storage System
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Mrs Huang
  • Total Employees
  • Annual Output Value
  • Export Market
    European Union,Middle East,Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia,America
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Company Profile
CANWIN Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., founded in 2002, is one of the largest power transformer equipment manufacturers in China.
The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 、STL", "ASTA", "KEMA" international system certification;
The company has established "silicon Steel Sheet Engineering technology Research Center", "Metal Sheet and Strip Precision cutting Key Technology and Equipment Engineering Center", "power transformer intelligent manufacturing Center", and obtained the "national high-tech Enterprise" certification in China.
In 2020, our won the honor of "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award" and "Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award";
"CANWIN" brand was registered in China in 2007 and was registered in the European Union, Africa, South America, the United States, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and other 118 countries in 2017;
Our company focuses on the research and development of silicon steel sheet cut-to-length- line, silicon steel sheet slitting line, transformer foil winding machine and other equipment, we have 56 international invention patents.
Our company adheres to the management policy of high-end manufacturing + intelligent equipment + intelligent factory, comprehensively improves the quality of products and high shear speed and high accuracy of products, and contributes to the upgrading of the global power transformer industry structure.
Company Video
Numerical control shearing machine with adjustable shearing angle
Issue by:Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China
Movable CNC shearing machine with central positioning and feeding
Issue by:Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China
Double trapezoid automatic shearing machine with distributing mechanism
Issue by:Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China
Feeding mechanism of fully automatic numerical control shearing machine
Issue by:Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China


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