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Functions and characteristics of intelligent high-speed silicon steel sheet shearing line

(1)    The equipment is an intelligent silicon steel sheet high-speed shearing line, and the shearing speed of sheets with a length of 1 meter can reach more than 80 sheets/min.

(2)     It has vertical and horizontal step cutting function.

(3)     It has the function of punching and cutting.

(4)     Equipped with a full range of shearing functions, which is beneficial to improving core performance.

(5)     Adopt a back-suction neat material sorting system, with neat palletizing, three-step, five-step and seven-step palletizing functions.

(6)     All punching, transverse and longitudinal movements of the punching and shearing machine are driven by servo motors and have an intelligent control system, making the operation easy and reliable.

(7)     Equipped with an electric loading trolley to avoid the hazard of driving and lifting.

(8)     The unwinding machine uses a hydraulic control system to automatically tighten the roll and rotate the machine head. The unique tie rod structure eliminates the need for hydraulic rotary joints, allowing users to avoid oil leakage problems and reduce maintenance costs.

(9)     The unwinding system uses multiple sets of photoelectric switches to control the speed and has a flexible buffering acceleration and deceleration function.

(10)  The feeding system has the function of monitoring and shutting down sheet defects (wrinkles, etc.).

(11)  The sheet transport track adopts an open and precise positioning assembly structure, which is convenient for cleaning and debugging; ceramic bearing positioning, high metal surface finish, effectively avoiding damage to the silicon steel sheet; feeder guide rails, punch section guide rails, shear section guide rails, bearings The conductive mechanism is a guide rail inlaid with carbide guide bars. The track bar is designed as two working surfaces, which can be used repeatedly and are easy to replace, reducing the maintenance cost of the user for the equipment.

(12)  Equipped with front and rear two-stage conveying mechanism, which can transport materials synchronously and avoid waves in the conveying of sheet materials, which not only improves the cutting accuracy, but also reduces the damage of sheet materials caused by friction.

(13)  It adopts the all-electric roller output table, which can realize the output of finished materials without stopping the machine;

(14)  A waste conveying mechanism is set up to facilitate centralized recovery of punching and shearing waste.

(15)  The equipment adopts the top brand control system and servo system of Siemens, Germany.

(16)  Humanized operation interface, anthropomorphic interface model, easy to operate, automatically save the slice scheme.

(17)  Necessary control buttons are set in the relevant positions, which is convenient for controlling the equipment nearby.

(18)  Optional remote diagnosis network module and assistance service, engineers can remotely monitor and diagnose the status of equipment programs in different places at the first time, assist manufacturers to deal with on-site faults and update programs in a timely and effective manner, and minimize downtime .

(19)  The equipment has data statistics function, which is convenient for customers to collect relevant data, such as: operator information, working hours, downtime, core sheet specifications, shearing quantity, equipment power consumption, gas consumption, etc. It has a reminder function for equipment maintenance, and can set the number of times and time requirements by itself. After reaching the set value, an authorized person can manually reset it.

(20)  The equipment is equipped with photoelectric alarm safety devices in all directions, and the equipment is closed with all-round guardrails to fully guarantee the safety of equipment operators.

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Do you have any agent in our country?        


CANWIN transform and upgrade traditional industries as an opportunity to deepen the " one belt and one road" strategic layout, deepen cooperation with foreign markets. in the form of cooperation and mutual benefit, set up the transformer manufacturing center and core processing base in the Middle East, India. Dubai. Vietnam. Thailand. etc.In the future, CANWIN will move towards the direction of intelligent equipment leader, making China a global reputation!


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We have owned 56 patents in fields of the international invention. ISO9001 / SO14001/ STL / ASTA / KEMA


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We have 20 years of marketing experience and a 200,000 square foot modern manufacturing center.


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After - sales free to provide engineers on-site installation and debugging and professional technical training.Answer your technical or technical questions by phone or in writing.


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We can provide you with power transformer manufacturing equipment and technical services for you to create a strong competitive transformer factory. We can provide you with special transformer OEMODM services. Even if you do not have the ability to produce, you can also go to pick up your order. We can provide you with all the high quality raw materials you need for your transformer plant production. Of course, the price must be very attractive!

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