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Cut to length line is designed for sheet metal production by leveling and cutting a mother coil into cross sections, creating completely flat formats that are properly stacked. The basic process of cut to length lines comprises unwinding, levelling, cross cutting, stacking and packaging.

Metal cut to length lines are used for processing metals into precise length pieces for further processing or for resale purposes.  A typical cut-to-length line incorporates a number of machines to provide value added services while processing coil to piece.

Benefits of cut to length line:

The cut to length line can do the feeding and use AC servo drive.

The cut to length line has a hard chrome plated surface and is durable and abrasion resistant.

The cut to length line has a fully digital length control system that ensures fast positioning with little error.

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Technical specification


1.Two head uncoiler 

Inner diameter of coil: 495-510mm

Coil maximum outside diameter: 1200mm

Maximum load per head: 2tons

Uncoiling speed: adjust synchronously with feeding

The uncoiler adopts synchronous stepless speed regulation to follow the discharge, hydraulic tension, disc brake and electric rotation.

2. Front and rear feeder

Front and rear feeder is composed of upper and lower feeding roller and measuring roller, feeding drive adopts German Siemens Simotion motion control system. This equipment adopts the most advanced center positioning servo push and pull material mechanism design; the feeding roller is made of polyurethane material, encoder measuring length and servo closed-loop control, the normal feeding speed is 0-180 m/min, the highest feeding speed is 240 m/min. The front feeder drives the role of pushing material, and the rear feeder drives the role of pulling material. The two feeder can work synchronously to keep the material in the channel straight in motion.

3.  O Punch And Two V-Notch  

This machine has two sets of O-Punch and V-Punch, one set of O-Punch, they are driven by servo motor can realize the lateral movement step, two sets of V Notch face to face installed on both sides of O punch, driven by servo motor can realize the longitudinal step movement;

The design can cut the yoke and edge separately, saving materials for customers.

4. Shear section

Two sets of shear sections are installed on a fixed plate at 45 degrees and 135 degrees, The fixed plate is installed on the sliding block of the movable parallel guide rail, and the fixed plate can move horizontally through the servo motor drive;

The shears section includes: +45° shears and 135°shears, transverse slide table and discharging roller. The structure of the two groups of shearing machines are made of casting. Shearing is driven by Siemens servo motor with high efficiency and low noise.

The tool (die) adopts hard alloy cutting tool, each grinding time use more than 1 million times. With depth adjustment mechanism, so that the tool can be adjusted after wear.

5. Centralized width adjustment device:

The whole cut to length line adopts central positioning and centralized width adjustment to adapt to different widths of sheet material transmission.

Encoder position feedback and position indicator position display. The width adjusting mechanism adopts ball screw drive to achieve the centralized width adjusting linkage of the whole line. The width adjustment device is also equipped with a blocking alarm device to realize the suspension of the whole machine when the material is arched.

6. Discharging and stacking mechanism

Driven by Siemens servo motor magnetic conveyor belt, the device transmits the sheared sheet from the shears to the double layer sorting mechanism.

The equipment is divided into two layers of material, each layer is driven by Siemens servo motor magnetic conveyor belt accurate positioning after falling on the designated positioning pin, automatic fall on the trolley, can stack up to 2-4 columns.

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Do you have any agent in our country?        


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