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  • Quality CANWIN 400 High-speed Cutting Line Technical Specification Requirements Manufacturer | CANWIN
    Quality CANWIN 400 High-speed Cutting Line Technical Specification Requirements Manufacturer | CANWIN
    Overview of intelligent high-speed silicon steel sheet shearing line(1)     The equipment adopts a central positioning system and is equipped with two shears and five punches:(2)     One 45º shearing machine and one 135º shearing machine;(3)     Two V punching and shearing machines use servo motor control systems to move forward and backward and left and right;(4)     Three punching machines use linear motor control systems to move left and right;(5)     Three punching machines, V punching and shearing machines and one direct shear can cut simultaneously.(6)     The equipment is a high-speed shearing model, regardless of punching or not, the shearing speed of the 1-meter-long piece (side piece + yoke piece; side piece + side piece) can reach more than 80 pieces/min; The cutting speed reaches 60 pieces/min.(7)     Adopt back-suction neat material sorting system, which can realize neat or step-by-step material sorting.
  • Quality CAH(22)-300/400/600DT Manufacturer | CANWIN
    Quality CAH(22)-300/400/600DT Manufacturer | CANWIN
    The cut-to-length-line li is a special equipment for the production of transformer core, is our latest generation of cross shear line. This production line is used for shearing, O punching and V notch of transformer core sheet. The special point of this line is that one O punch and one V notch;Can produce transformer core pieces with 3, 5, 7 steps in vertical direction and 3, 5, 7 steps in horizontal direction.After the coil material of silicon steel sheet is punched and cut into certain shape and size by this production line, the classification and finishing work is completed at the end of the production line, and it is automatically stacked into 2 columns and used for the core assembly. This production line adopts advanced control system to ensure the accurate and stable operation of the production line. Embedded operating terminal can complete parameter setting quickly and conveniently.
  • Best CAH (25) -300/400/600DV High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine Company - CANWIN
    Best CAH (25) -300/400/600DV High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine Company - CANWIN
    1) Two sets of V-shaped shearing machines and three sets of hole punching machines. The three punching mechanism adopts a chasing shear design, which can move vertically and horizontally, automatically arrange positions, and easily achieve three simultaneous steps and five synchronous cutting;2) The material handling part adopts a gantry type servo belt mechanism, which can automatically rise and fall with the change of stacking height;3) Equipped with a stacking electric trolley, the trolley can move left and right, the upper stacking platform can be lifted and lowered, and even workshops without truss cars can produce iron cores!4) The shear bed section has added a four wheel drive micro tension servo pulling mode, and cutting of materials with different thicknesses of 0.15-0.35 mm does not require changing the cutting parameters!
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