With the development of intelligent power systems, intelligent transformers have also achieved the integration of "primary" and "secondary" systems. Compared with traditional transformers, intelligent transformers can achieve online monitoring and fault diagnosis, providing accurate information about the state of the power transformer. Before a fault occurs, early warning operations can be carried out, thereby reducing maintenance and operation costs, extending the operating cycle, and realizing the intelligence of the transformer.

1. Composition of intelligent transformer system

The intelligent transformer is composed of the intelligent transformer component and the transformer body.

The transformer intelligent component mainly consists of the main IED (intelligent unit), the winding optical fiber online monitoring IED, the communication component, and the partial discharge monitoring IED.Its main function is to perform diagnosis of various sensor signals, acquisition, and digitalization operations.The transformer body should have various online monitoring devices, actuators, and sensors required for intelligence.

2. On-line monitoring measures for 110kV intelligent transformer

Real-time online monitoring of transformers can reflect the status changes in a timely manner.The digital monitoring of intelligent transformers mainly involves information monitoring through monitoring instruments, signal preprocessing of monitoring data through intelligent components, and dynamic analysis of monitored data to diagnose and evaluate the operating equipment conditions.This ensures the stable and safe operation of the power system.


3. Intelligent unit

The core component of transformer intelligence is the intelligent unit (main IED).Through the MMS service, information from multiple monitoring IEDs and control IEDs is aggregated, and a comprehensive diagnosis of transformer faults is performed based on the monitoring data and results.The diagnostic results and monitoring data are reported based on the IEC61850 standard and communication with the main server at the station control level.


4. Online monitoring of winding hot spot temperature

Online monitoring of winding hot spot temperature is mainly performed through the use of an optical fiber online temperature measurement instrument for the winding.Through dynamic and direct measurement, the internal temperature of the transformer can be comprehensively controlled, and the cooling system can be controlled in real time.At the same time, by real-time monitoring of the hot spot temperature of the transformer's three-phase winding, the service life and aging rate of the transformer can be effectively evaluated.


5. On-line monitoring of partial discharge

The online monitoring of partial discharge is mainly carried out through the combination of a wideband composite sensor (FCT) for power frequency current and an external ultrasonic sensor.The FCT can simultaneously monitor the core grounding current signal and the partial discharge pulse signal.The external ultrasonic sensor is mainly installed on the wall of the box and can be replaced while live.


6. Online monitoring of gas and micro-water in oil

Online monitoring of gas and micro-water in oil is mainly carried out using chromatography.The ultimate goal is to achieve quantitative analysis of gas concentrations such as ethylene, methane, hydrogen, and micro-water content.


1) Chromatographic monitoring of online installation

The specific detector of chromatography is mainly a semiconductor gas sensor.The operating status data of transformer oil is obtained through a data collector, and uploaded to the oil and gas monitoring IED for analysis through RS485 and TCP/IP modes.


2) Oil dissolved gas monitoring IED

The dissolved gas monitoring IED in oil can assist in analyzing the load capacity of the transformer and monitor its reliability status.When the growth rate of component concentration becomes abnormal, the results should be reported to the station control layer of the online monitoring system through the process layer network according to the evaluation and judgment standards.



The main pillar of the smart grid is the smart substation. The substation is not only an important hub for power transmission and distribution, but also directly affects the operation and monitoring capabilities of the smart grid.The safe and stable operation of the smart substation is closely related to the transformer, so the analysis of the intelligent operation mode of the transformer is of great practical significance.

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