1.The overall goal of building a green power grid and reducing power grid losses has made energy-saving power transmission and distribution and control equipment a development trend in the industry

In the context of the country's focus on developing a low-carbon economy, with the development goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking", the industrial structure of my country's power equipment has been continuously optimized, and the scale of clean energy investment has continued to increase. Due to the problems of large reactive power loss, low terminal voltage, and high line loss rate in the distribution network, the high-energy consumption power equipment on the network is facing the need for technological upgrades and replacements. Power transmission and distribution with energy saving, environmental protection, high energy efficiency, and low noise Equipment will become an inevitable trend in the future market technology development.

At present, more than half of the line loss of the power grid comes from the distribution network. Therefore, the economic benefits of energy saving in the distribution network through distribution network transformation are significant. Energy-saving and safe power transmission and distribution and control equipment will become the mainstream of the market.

2. The construction of smart grid promotes the intelligent development of power transmission and distribution and control equipment

The smart grid is based on the traditional power system, through the integrated application of new energy, new materials, new equipment and advanced sensor technology, information communication technology and automatic control technology to form a new type of modern power grid with highly informatized, automated and interactive features , in order to better realize the safe, reliable, economical and efficient operation of the power grid. Therefore, the development of smart grid is an important means for my country to realize energy production, consumption and technological revolution.

With the increasing installed capacity of new power sources and the scale of power grids, as well as the rapid increase in line complexity, improving the informatization, automation, and intelligence of power grids has become an important task in the construction of my country's power grids. The smart grid puts forward higher requirements for performance indicators such as the intelligence of power transmission and distribution and control equipment. On a conventional basis, it is equipped with electronic devices, sensors, actuators and other equipment, which have self-diagnosis functions and realize key state parameters through network digital interfaces. Intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment such as monitoring, control and data sharing will become the mainstream of the market, creating new market opportunities for the power transmission and distribution and control equipment industry.

3. The accelerated construction of ubiquitous power Internet of Things provides development opportunities for power transmission and distribution and control equipment

With the acceleration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5G, the high proportion of new energy access, and the widespread application of new energy-consuming equipment, the physical characteristics, operation mode, and market form of traditional power grids have undergone fundamental changes. , flexible, safe and controllable" new-generation power system to accelerate the evolution.

In 2019, the State Grid released the "Outline of Key Construction Tasks for the Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things in 2020", which basically clarified the top-level design and construction priorities of the Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things in the future, and will focus on energy ecology, customer service, production and operation, and management. The construction of management, enterprise middle platform, smart Internet of Things, basic support, technical research and other aspects will deepen the integration of new generation information technology and power grid technology.

The promotion of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things provides new development opportunities for power transmission and distribution and control equipment, and power equipment with informatization and cloudification will become a hot market in the future.

4. The development of downstream application requirements towards high efficiency and high power density makes the demand for magnetic electronic components grow rapidly

The rapid development of clean, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and efficient new forms of energy applications such as new energy power generation and new energy vehicles has brought about high-efficiency and high-power-density applications in energy conversion from power generation, power transmission and distribution, and power storage. new demand.

The popularity of new energy vehicles and the laying of large-scale charging piles have made fast and high-power charging a new trend in consumer demand. Smart terminals and mobile phone fast charging technologies have greatly increased the output power of low-power charging power adapters. The new changes in the above-mentioned application requirements have made the demand for products such as magnetic electronic components maintain a rapid growth trend.

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