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  • Transformer No-load/Load  Test Introduction
    Transformer No-load/Load Test Introduction
    No-load test: Apply the rated voltage of the sine wave rated frequency from a certain winding of the transformer (generally from the secondary low-voltage side), and open the other windings to measure the no-load current and no-load loss. If the test conditions are limited and the power supply voltage cannot reach the rated voltage, the test can be performed under non-rated voltage conditions. This test method has a large error and is generally only used to check whether the transformer is faulty. Only the test voltage reaches more than 80% of the rated voltage. can be used to test the no-load loss.
  • Electrical Technology Q&A (1.1)
    Electrical Technology Q&A (1.1)
    Electrical Technology Q&A (1.1)What is the basic content of Kirchhoff's law?2. What is skin effect?3. What are the concepts and characteristics of parallel resonance?4. How are eddies created? What is eddy current loss?5.What is the transition process? What causes the transition process?6. What is the superposition principle?
  • Wishing You All A Happy, Healthy And Prosperous New Year!-Canwin
    Wishing You All A Happy, Healthy And Prosperous New Year!-Canwin
    Canwin Wishing you a happy New Year in 2022. 
  • About Canwin Do you want to know how the transformers structure combined? user manual | Canwin
    About Canwin Do you want to know how the transformers structure combined? user manual | Canwin
    Transformer body structureThis paper mainly introduces the structure of transformer body from three aspects: core, winding and lead.I.Transformer core structure01 The role of silicon steel(Iron) coreTransformers are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the magnetic circuit is the medium of electrical energy conversion. Iron core is the main magnetic circuit of the transformer, the main role is magnetic. It converts the electrical energy of the primary circuit into magnetic energy, and from magnetic energy into electrical energy of the secondary circuit.At the same time, the iron core is the mechanical skeleton of the transformer, and the clamping device of the iron core not only makes the magnetic conductor into a mechanical complete structure, but also has an insulated coil on it, supporting the lead, and almost all the components inside the transformer. The weight of the iron core is the largest in the transformer components, accounting for about 60% of the total weight in the dry transformer, and about 40% in the oil-immersed transformer.
  • Canwin Wish You A Happy New Year 2022!
    Canwin Wish You A Happy New Year 2022!
    Driven by scientific and technological innovation, Keying Electric leads the power transformer field into the deep water area of high quality, intelligent and large-scale manufacturing.  
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