According to statistics, the domestic output of transformer cores has grown from 7.264 million tons in 2015 to 8.453 million tons in 2019, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 3.9%. Among them, the iron core consumption of distribution transformers accounts for about 40% of the total consumption of transformer iron cores in the country, which has laid a solid foundation for my country to provide intelligent manufacturing industry chain services for transformer iron cores. In the next five years, with the expansion of domestic transformer production, the application demand of transformer cores in my country is expected to reach 11.4 million tons in 2025, and the market size will also reach more than 165 billion yuan. Under the strong promotion of "new infrastructure", my country's transformer core intelligent manufacturing industry chain service model will become the future development trend of the industry.

Transformer Core Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Chain Service New Model

The iron core intelligent factory should start from intelligent manufacturing and transformer design, and can provide professional iron core optimization design, section filling factor, joint structure, fastening node method and fastening structure, material selection, clip system optimization and other suggestions for transformer enterprises. . The optimized transformer core not only needs to meet the installation dimensions of the transformer, but also can improve the performance of the finished transformer, while minimizing the use of silicon steel sheets.

Take Guangdong Keying Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Keying") as an example of the intelligent manufacturing technology of transformer cores. Improve the quality of products and the cutting speed and precision of products in an all-round way, speed up the transformation of the development model, and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure. Its main business is electrical intelligent equipment manufacturing, power equipment production customization, high-end intelligent transformer production line series equipment, various high-performance dry-type transformers, and electrical materials trade.

The iron core machining center developed by Guangdong Keying is composed of Siemens motion control system and servo motor, suspended double robot lamination mechanism, six-station servo exchange platform, and double-station logistics channel; it can support two shears, three punches, two Four-cut, two-cut, six-cut, two-cut and eight-cut, etc., according to the cutting width, it is divided into 300 type, 450 type, 650 type, 850 type, 950 type, 1050 type, etc.; combined with Keying 1250 type spacer type High-speed slitting line, MES intelligent storage vertical warehouse system is seamlessly connected with the iron core machining center, which effectively solves the problem that in the past, the horizontal shearing line was only cut without stacking, which required repeated transportation by transfer vehicles, troublesome pre-positioning of truss mechanical laminations, and low work efficiency. It covers a large area and requires more manpower and other problems!

Five advantages of online lamination of Guangdong Keying Iron Core Machining Center:

First, save manpower, only one person can operate;

Second, save the place, only need a position of 12 meters x 24 meters;

Third, high efficiency, grab 7 pieces at a time, double robots can grab 14 pieces at a time, 6 units in a shift below 800, and 4 units in a shift above 800;

Fourth, the material loss is small, there is no need to carry out heavy manual handling work, and the damage to the silicon steel sheet is small;

Fifth, the material utilization rate is high, there is no excess waste, and it is finished after cutting, which is a real Industry 4.0 equipment.

Through the iron core manufacturing technology of the intelligent machining center, it can not only improve the production efficiency, but also greatly reduce the production cost of the transformer factory. core) standardized production.

The competition in the future is the competition between high-end manufacturing and low-end manufacturing. Large-scale, intelligent and green factories are inevitable for the development of the times! This service model will better meet the needs of transformer enterprises, make rational use of social resources, realize green manufacturing, create greater social value, and make the iron core intelligent factory truly become the "first process" of transformer enterprises.

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