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CANWIN has been operating with the aim of becoming a professional and well-reputed enterprise. We have a strong R&D team that supports our continuous development of new products, such as foil transformer. We pay close attention to customer service so we've set up a service center. Each staff working in the center is highly responsive to customers' requests and can track the order status at any time. Our everlasting tenet is to provide customers with cost-effective and high-quality products, and to create values for customers. We would like to cooperate with customers throughout the whole world. Contact us to get more details.
With complete foil transformer production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our foil transformer, call us directly.
As a driven company, CANWIN has been developing products on our own on a regular basis, one of which is foil transformer. It is the newest product and bound to bring benefits to customers.
  • Slitting Line Machine Transformer Motor Industry Metal Coil Cutting
    Slitting Line Machine Transformer Motor Industry Metal Coil Cutting
    Model: CAZJ -1250-10TThe basic engineering of mechanical equipment1.Equipment foundation plan. And the delivery date for 10 working days after signing a contract.2.Buyer is responsible for all equipment foundation engineering construction and supervision.3.Equipment foundation holes are reserved hole to match the anchor hole of equipment base.4.Base hole cement grouting after equipment installation is in charge of the buyer, seller offer foundation bolt by random.Supply power, gas and oil1. Buyer is responsible for a stable power supply to operating station.2. Buyer provide one set of air compressor and cooler by himself.3. Buyer provide gear oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and seller offer oil brand.4. Buyer will provide requested material for mechanical debugging.Roduction workshop1. Production line processing set- up length is about 14m.2. The production workshop area: length 18 m X width 8 m X high 6 m.3. Equipped with one set of goods crane carrying more than 20 t , and production workshop corollary equipment.4. Production workshop is equipped with lighting equipment, and 42℃ below room temperature environment.Note: We have the final explanation right for this contract specification.
  • Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers
    Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers
    Canwin Professional CANWIN Automatic Cut To Length Lines Machine (CAH(11)-300) manufacturers,The company is a key enterprise in the field of electric power electrical equipment manufacturing in China, and a core professional equipment supplier of state grid, China southern power grid and many listed companies in the electric power industry.
  • High Quality laser welding machines videos Wholesale - Guangdong Canwin Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd
    High Quality laser welding machines videos Wholesale - Guangdong Canwin Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd
    The handheld fiber laser welder is a new generation of laser welding equipment, which belongs to non-contact welding. The operation process does not require pressure and its working principle is to directly irradiate a high-energy intensity laser beam on the surface of the material. The material is melted inside, and then cooled and crystallized to form a weld through the interaction of the laser and the material.
  • Hand-held Fiber Laser Welding Machine Welding Nozzle Optional
    Hand-held Fiber Laser Welding Machine Welding Nozzle Optional
    Main features of the equipment1. The operation mode of the hand-held welding gun can weld any part of the workpiece at any Angle.2. Ergonomic design, small size, light weight, flexible and convenient operation.3. Auslese welding nozzle material to avoid scratching the workpiece surface.4. A variety of welding nozzle optional, easy to realize the welding operation of different products.5. Equipped with safety circuit to avoid accidental light, safer operation.6. Hand-held welding head can choose switch button light, also can use foot trigger light.7. Suitable for small batch multi-angle sheet metal hardware welding.8. Wear protective glasses or masks when welding.
  • Epoxy Resin for Room Temperature Curing
    Epoxy Resin for Room Temperature Curing
    The high and low voltage windings are all cast epoxy resin and cured in vacuum, forming a high strength FRP body structure.The temperature sensor PT100 platinum resistor is inserted into the low-voltage winding to obtain the temperature signal.
  • Customized Professional Slitting line manufacturer CAZJ-1250-8T -Canwin manufacturers From China
    Customized Professional Slitting line manufacturer CAZJ-1250-8T -Canwin manufacturers From China
    Slitting line equipment mainly includes the following:Loading trolley, double support uncoiler, feeding device, traction leveling machine, trimming shearing machine, deviation correction feeding device, longitudinal shear line, waste edge winder, feed rack, pre separation device, tensioner, feeding roller, winding shearing machine, steering drum, rear axle, discharge trolley, winding auxiliary support, hydraulic system and electrical system, etc.The materials that can be processed by longitudinal shear equipment include cold-rolled plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate and color coated plate. However, for different materials, there are certain differences in the strength of blade materials, so as to obtain good cutting effect.
  • Medium and low voltage  windings
    Medium and low voltage windings
    The consolidated experience in the production of resin transformers and the remarkable quality acquired has allowed the marketing, in addition to the complete transformer, also of low and medium voltage impregnated or encapsulated coils. The design for creation of the core can be provided by CANWIN or on the customer’s indications. This allows us to guarantee a reduction in transportation, import and construction costs of the transformer on site in distant countries.
  • We are a professional manufacturer of transformer cores
    We are a professional manufacturer of transformer cores
    CANWIN's transformer core is made of high magnetic conductivity high-quality grain oriented cold rolled silicon steel sheets, with 45 ° fully oblique step seams.The iron core adopts a special square tube pull plate structure, the core column is bound with insulation tape, and the surface of the iron core is coated with special resin to prevent moisture and rust, effectively reducing no-load loss, no-load current, and iron core noise.Built Cores  compared with similar products on the market, it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc., and enjoys a good reputation in the market.CANWIN summarizes the defects of past products, and continuously improves them. The specifications of Built Cores can be customized according to your needs.
  • Epoxy Resin For Dry Type Transformer
    Epoxy Resin For Dry Type Transformer
    Epoxy resin dry transformer small volume, light weight. Epoxy resin dry transformer is equipped with low noise amplitude-flow fan, which can reduce winding temperature, improve load capacity and prolong transformer life after starting. When forced air cooling is used, the rated capacity can be increased by 40-50%.
  • Self-adhesive Copper Foil Single/double Guide Copper Foil
    Self-adhesive Copper Foil Single/double Guide Copper Foil
    Copper foil has low surface oxygen characteristics and can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metal, insulation materials, etc., with a wide temperature range. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, the conductive copper foil on the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, has excellent conductivity, and provides electromagnetic shielding effect. It can be divided into: self-adhesive copper foil, double guide copper foil, single guide copper foil, etc. Electronic grade copper foil (purity more than 99.7%, thickness of 5um-105um) is one of the basic materials of the electronic industry. With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the use of electronic grade copper foil is increasing. The products are widely used in industrial calculators, communication equipment, QA equipment, lithium ion batteries. TV sets, VIDEO recorders, CD players, photocopiers, telephones, heating and cooling air conditioners, automotive electronic components, game machines, etc. The demand for electronic grade copper foil, especially for high performance electronic grade copper foil, is increasing day by day in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Transformer Lamination Manufacturing Cut to Length Line
    Transformer Lamination Manufacturing Cut to Length Line
    Professional Customized AI Smart Robot Cut To Length Line manufacturers From China manufacturers-CANWINThe CANWIN iron core processing center is composed of Siemens motion control system and servo motor, suspended dual robot lamination mechanism, six station servo exchange platform, and dual station logistics channel. Combined with the Keying 1250 type spacer type high-speed longitudinal cutting line, the MES intelligent warehouse system seamlessly connects with the iron core processing center. Effectively solved the problems of only cutting and not stacking horizontal cutting lines in the past, requiring repeated handling by transfer vehicles, troublesome pre positioning of truss mechanical laminations, low work efficiency, large land occupation, and the need for manpower! Especially suitable for standardized production of super enterprises in the future power industry (with massive annual output ).
  • The High-speed CTL Machine Cut for Silicon steel Double O-punch
    The High-speed CTL Machine Cut for Silicon steel Double O-punch
    CAH(23)-400DO: The cut-to-length-line is a special equipment for the production of transformer core, is our latest generation of cross shear line. This production line is used for shearing, O punching and V notch of transformer core sheet.The special point of this line is that two O punch and one V notch can work for York-sheet with two floor stacking;Can produce transformer core pieces with 3, 5, 7 steps in vertical direction and 3, 5, 7 steps in horizontal direction.After the coil material of silicon steel sheet is punched and cut into certain shape and size by this production line, the classification and finishing work is completed at the end of the production line, and it is automatically stacked into 2-4 columns and used for the core assembly.This production line adopts advanced control system to ensure the accurate and stable operation of the production line. Embedded operating terminal can complete parameter setting quickly and conveniently.Application: This machine is special for transformer lamination manufacturing.
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