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Technical description

2.1 Standard main parameter table (can be customized)

1Coil working range
1-1Axial length500-1100mm
1-2Axial length (with guide line)650-1300mm
1-3ID (Excluding row)Diameter ¢100
1-4OD MAXDiameter  ¢1200
1-5ID MINDiameter ¢200
1-6Suitable coil shapeCircle \ rectangle
2Coil material
2-1MaterialCopper foil \ Aluminum foil
2-3ThicknessCopper foil: 0.3-2.5mm
Aluminum foil: 0.5-3mm
3-1Coil IDDiameter ¢400\510
3-2Coil ODDiameter ¢1000
3-3Coil shaft length1000mm
3-4Core shaft sizeDiameter ¢400-520
3-5Loading weight2000kg
3-6Tension20000 N
3-7Working pressure0-0.6(MP)
4-1Output torque6544Nm
4-2Wind powerDouble layer 15KW
4-3Speed adjustment modeFrequency stepless governor
4-4Winding speed0-25(r/min)
5-1Weld wayArgon arc welding TIG
5-2Welding speed0-25(r/min)
6-1Shearing wayElectric rolling shear
6-2Shear speed0.42m/min
7Insulating layerTwo sets
7-1Air shaf OD and IDApply to the coil ID Ф75.5~Ф78
8End insulation device6 set (can customized)

9Counting precision0.1 turns
10Deviation correction mode and accuracyPhotoelectric correction ±0.5mm

2.2 The composition and function of the equipment

(1. Decoiler) (2. Feeding device) (3. Expanding device) (4. Compression device, Dust removal device) (5. Shearing device) (6. End insulation uncoiling device) (7. Winding machine) (8. Welding device) (9. Layer insulation uncoiling device) (10. Deviation rectifying device) (11. Electrical control device).

This kind of foil winding machine is designed for winding aluminum and copper foil type coils in transformer and electric apparatus. There are LV foil winding machine and HV foil winding machine, which used for making low voltage and high voltage coils for power transformers.This kind of foil winding machine for transformer is designed for winding aluminum and copper foil type coils in transformer and electric apparatus. There are LV foil winding machine and HV foil winding machine, which used for making low voltage and high voltage coils for power transformers. The foil winding equipment mainly consists of conductor decoiler, insulation decoiler, end insulation spindle, shearing unit, TIG welder, rewinder, and main machine frame, control panel, etc.

Properties of foil winding in transformer

1. High quality VF controlling stepless speed foil winding.

2. Automatic shearing and automatic welding achieve operation easily.

3. With PLC controlling and touch screen operation, International brand electrical components.

4. Automatic photoelectric calibrating for the foils ensure high performance.

Main component function

2.1.1 Decoiler

Two sets, front and back centralized control.

Decoiler is not only support the coil and feeding, but also has automatic deviation adjustment function.The main shaft of the uncoiling machine has a section of square section, and three sets of inclined hair blocks support three arc-shaped expansion blocks, which can tighten the coil material on the material barrel.The main shaft can be actively operated in forward or reverse direction for uncoiling, discharging and receiving, so as to adjust the working condition at any time. In linkage, the main shaft is disengaged from the driving device through the clutch.The main shaft is equipped with two sets of pneumatic controller damping devices, which can be used independently or in parallel, making the adjustment range of expansion force wide.The power of damping device is pneumatic, easy to control, clean and safe.The whole uncoiling mechanism is connected with the main frame by linear guide rail with large specifications, and equipped with servo power system. According to the instructions of the PLC main control system, the uncoiling mechanism will move around the guide rail quickly and accurately, so as to ensure that the foil is always in the accurate position according to the feedback of the deviation detection signal and realize the deviation adjustment function of the foil belt.


2.1.2 Foiling machine

The winding machine is located at the front right of the equipment, and the output torque realizes winding of the coil through the winding shaft. The mechanical strength and output torque of the transformer winding machine are given priority in the design. This design is configured with sufficient margin according to the maximum limit size of the workpiece material and the upper limit of the expansion force required by the process. 

The case of the transformer winding machine is composed of thick steel sheet, which is machined after the stress elimination treatment by annealing. The gear of transmission mechanism and reducer are made of large modulus, helical tooth shape and hard tooth surface parameters. It guarantees the mechanical strength of large torque output and the smooth operation of the whole equipment with very low working noise. 

Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation mode, provide maximum torque and suitable speed at low speed. High speed provides the right torque, maximum speed. To meet different winding process requirements.When winding the spindle, the slope of acceleration of starting and stopping is set reasonably, and the braking function is configured to improve the operation of the equipment. High power automatic brake motor, abundant reserve power.


2.1.3 Foil belt shearing mechanism

Two sets, High and low configuration, control separately.

After winding, cut the foil strip.The cutting mouth must be flat so that can weld well with the lead, especially the butt welding between foil belt. BRJ foil winding machine adopts rolling shear way to cut the foil belt. The upper pressure knife is mounted on a swinging rotary frame with a cylinder on each side of the lower end of the rotary frame to press the upper pressure knife and foil belt on the base. The lower hob is mounted on the sliding frame, and driven by the motor and screw rod to run on the linear guide rail, so that the lower hob rolls along the upper edge of the pressing edge, and the foil belt can be cut.In order to adjust the edge position of the upper press knife, the turning point of the rotary frame can be moved back and forth.In order to make the lower hob and the upper hob close but not bite the knife, the lower hob can move axial, through the spring press up the edge, reduce the difficulty of the assembly between the hob slider and the base, improve the shearing accuracy.


2.1.4 Automatic welding device

In order to meet the needs of lap welding and end welding, the jaws of welding fixture can swing by a certain range. The upper clamp can swing down, and the lower clamp can be replaced as needed. The seat of the automatic welding mechanism is installed on the main axle box of the transformer foil winding machine, and the welding fixture, welding gun and automatic walking system can all operate on the seat. However, after the completion of the welding process, the welding mechanism will be moved back to the right to free up the winding position for the convenience of winding operation. The welding gun is installed on the walking trolley. The welding gun can be adjusted to various positions to adapt to different welding forms. The trolley is driven by speed regulating motor, speed reducer and lead screw. Can adjust the welding speed easily. 

The welding way is argon arc welding (TIG) with AC and DC conversion, no filler.

2.1.5 Layer insulation uncoiling device 

The layer insulation uncoiling device is a mechanism that supports the insulating material coil and causes the insulating material to produce expanding force during winding.This series of winding machine has two layers of insulation uncoiling mechanism.Two layers of insulating paper or film can also be provided.The mechanism is composed of four parts: inflatable material barrel, drive system, movable support and damping device.Press the valve at the end of the inflatable material barrel to retract the rubber swelling block of the material barrel, put it into the material barrel directly, use air gun to push out the rubber swelling block through the valve, and fix the insulating coil on the inflatable material barrel.Push the movable bracket into, make the supporting position of the gear bracket at the end of the shaft of the material barrel, and complete the loading of insulation coil.At this time, the drive and damping functions will act on the insulation coil fixed on the support, so that the layer insulation paper will maintain the expansion state specified in the process of winding, and the damping size can be conveniently adjusted randomly.


2.1.6 End insulation uncoiling device

The system consists of a guide rod frame, a feeding frame and a swinging slide frame.The feeding rack can move freely around the guide bar rack, each side feeding rack has feeding tray.The material belt is pulled out of the feeding tray and wound at both ends of the coil through various guide wheels, guide racks and felt pads.The size of material belt expanding force can be realized by adjusting the clamping degree of felt pad by setting screw.

2.1.7 Main frame

The main frame is a frame structure, which is made of thick steel plate and assembled with related components. Two sets of foil guidance system are set at high and low positions respectively, (deburring, dust removal device, pressure roller compression mechanism all can be automatic rectification precision) deviation adjustment detection device, layer insulation cutting device, winding shaft support frame, etc. To meet the double conductive foil guidance and processing. The main frame is designed with high strength to carry various mechanical forces and gravity. The position accuracy of the parallel axis holes on the left and right wallboard is ensured by synchronous machining.


2.1.8 Electric control system

All winding winding, deviation adjustment, number of turns control and various kinds of display, are calculated by PLC control system to give different instructions. Implemented by each system. The operator only needs to input the related working parameters through the large-screen touch-screen man-machine interface, which can easily complete the mass production of the workpiece with the same specification. All devices can also be manually operated by controlling the button, including inching and linkage. A number of emergency buttons are set in the position of the main console and the main device, which can stop in time in case of abnormality to ensure safety. All operations of the system can be carried out by the main console.

2.1.9 Pneumatic system 

The system adopts modularized centralized control and a large number of mufflers, making the noise level of the whole machine lower than similar imported equipment.

Each branch pressure, flow independently adjustable.The implementation of each pneumatic action is controlled by PLC implementation program, and the pneumatic pipeline layout is reasonable and reliable.

Main electrical components

3Correcting deviation systemKPS-C2
4PLC program controllerDELTA
5Electric elementsSchneider/ Omron 
6Pneumatic componentsAirTAC
7Linear guidewayHIWIN


1.What can we do for you ?

We can provide you with power transformer manufacturing equipment and technical services for you to create a strong competitive transformer factory. We can provide you with special foil transformer OEM/ODM services. Even if you do not have the ability to produce, you can also go to pick up your order. We can provide you with all the high quality raw materials you need for your foil transformer plant production. Of course, the price must be very attractive!

2.How many years have your company made this kind of equipment?

We have 20 years of marketing experience and a 200,000 square foot modern manufacturing center.

3.Which certificate do you have for your equipment?

We have owned 56 patents in fields of the international invention. ISO9001 / SO14001/ STL / ASTA / KEMA

4.Can you send your staff to install the equipment for us?

After - sales free to provide engineers on-site installation and debugging and professional technical training.Answer your technical or technical questions by phone or in writing.

5.Do you have any agent in our country?

CANWIN transform and upgrade traditional industries as an opportunity to deepen the " one belt and one road" strategic layout, deepen cooperation with foreign markets. in the form of cooperation and mutual benefit, set up the transformer manufacturing center and core processing base in the Middle East, India. Dubai. Vietnam. Thailand. etc.In the future, CANWIN will move towards the direction of intelligent equipment leader, making China a global reputation!

Basic Information
  • Year Established
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    Power Distribution Equipment
  • Main Products
    electrical equipment,transformers and distribution cabinets, electrical materials, Laser welding machine/ Laser Cutting machine,Energy Storage System
  • Enterprise Legal Person
    Mrs Huang
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Company Profile
CANWIN Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD., founded in 2002, is one of the largest power transformer equipment manufacturers in China.
The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 、STL", "ASTA", "KEMA" international system certification;
The company has established "silicon Steel Sheet Engineering technology Research Center", "Metal Sheet and Strip Precision cutting Key Technology and Equipment Engineering Center", "power transformer intelligent manufacturing Center", and obtained the "national high-tech Enterprise" certification in China.
In 2020, our won the honor of "China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award" and "Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award";
"CANWIN" brand was registered in China in 2007 and was registered in the European Union, Africa, South America, the United States, Russia, India, Southeast Asia and other 118 countries in 2017;
Our company focuses on the research and development of silicon steel sheet cut-to-length- line, silicon steel sheet slitting line, transformer foil winding machine and other equipment, we have 56 international invention patents.
Our company adheres to the management policy of high-end manufacturing + intelligent equipment + intelligent factory, comprehensively improves the quality of products and high shear speed and high accuracy of products, and contributes to the upgrading of the global power transformer industry structure.
Company Video
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Movable CNC shearing machine with central positioning and feeding
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